I know when I'm back in New York I will crave the still, warm and embracing delight of La Jarilla.  There is nowhere like it.  - 16-23 / April  / 12


Can't wait to bring all my friends here for my 21st  - P.B. Edinburgh  - 18 June, '12.


"Todo lo que uno pueda necesitar para una semana perfecta , un sitio fantastico !  S.N, Granada, 8th July 12


"Peace, beauty, tranquillity, great wine, great holiday, great character, thank you".  D.G and L.T,  North Yorkshire,  10th July -12


"It really is a very special place that has been created in the most wonderful setting and I hope very much to return soon".  M.D, England,  18th  August 12


Un cadre unique au soleil, la nature et plein de decouverte.  Merci beaucoup Simon pour votre acceuill et bons repas . C.K. & U. N. – September 2012 -  Paris




“Nightingales, cuckoos, owls, golden oriels & eagles. It doesn't get much better  -  P&L. Canterbury UK. April 18, 2013


“Again,  another wonderfull Yoga retreat with  many happy clients , see you in September. P.A. Newmarket UK  - April  - 2013


“Don`t  think we´ll find such peace  again,  thank you -   K.B. London May 2013


Thank you for sharing this enchanted land with us, pure joy for a week. We hope to be back soon – T.R. - Dublin – June 2013


  "I didn't think that there where such unspoilt places left.  Loved views from the tower - eagles, wild boar, wine - what more can we ask for".  M.A, Dubai, 1st July 13


“Des vacances extraordinaires céstait super ¡! Malheuresement pas assez long – Merci Simon   C.B. – Toulouse France   July 2013


The best place we  ever found for family holidays and  all 20 of us will remember the fun we had for a long time to come - especially dancing on Bodega terrace in the full moon!! – C.S. Berlin - August 2013 - 


 "Such an amazing place, with the most surreal views.  I will never forget playing tennis with such an incredible backdrop, I wish I was not leaving".  S.S,  London,  6th September 13


An absolutely beautiful place, peaceful & in great company - T.L. London - April 6th.

Fabulous location, wonderful host, fantastic food & house wine. - R.H. U.K. - 26/4/14.

Unforgettable double birthday party - beautiful scenery & everything we ever hoped it might be - thank you !. - E. C. London - April 26th.

We had an excellent stay here & will come back when we can. - G.R. Paris - 3/5

Still an amazing place - days of sun, pleasure & an endless flow of good times & great wine !. S.R. Munich - 10/5

Our second stay & as lovely as before, just relaxing at your gorgeous place - thank you, Simon. M.& S. S. - Detmold, Germany - May 18th. ' 14.

We have all had a fantastic time - such a shame to leave so soon. G.M. - U.K. - 29/5/14

Una maravilla !!. S.M. Ecuador - 8/6/14

Thank you for an exquisite week of painting & for your generosity. - C. Z. - N.Y. - June 22nd. ' 14.

Es una pena que todo acabe, antes de empezar - I. R. - Madrid - 22/6/14

Exhausting,thrilling, educational, fun & so many other unexpected things. I will never forget this painting week & can't wait for the next one !! - C.B. - N.Y. 22/6.

Thank you for a great three weeks - we will be back in 2015, if you will have us ?! - P.F. - Denmark - July 15th.

Magnifico !. Thank you for a great stay, for the good food & wine, the views, the sun & everything at wonderful La Jarilla. J.J. -  Stockholm - August 2nd, 2014

La Jarilla fulfilled & exceeded my expectations in every way. Views are spectacular & Bodega house is charming. Thank you for the memories of a real home from home that you have managed to create in such a beautiful setting. C. & R. B. - Scotland - 10/8/14

A magical & amazing place where you can drink magic wine with no hangovers!. Feed the soul & relax, walk & paint the colours of the mountains. My kids are so happy too & don't want to leave - thank you Simon, the bestest host who made it all possible, we'll be back. G.& E. J. - London - August 17th.

To anyone who reads this - Please select with care the people you talk to about La Jarilla, they have to preserve it, it is unique!. V.B. - Paris.- 10/8/14

A wonderful week, the sounds of frogs, beautiful views, extensively stocked house. Amazing fireworks seen from the vineyard above Alfornon with Simon's wine & tapas, beautiful pool that we have all enjoyed - once you are here there is no reason to leave !!. M.B. - London - 17/8/14

Paradise in Andalucia !. L.L. France - 24th August.

We loved the peace & quiet & the beautiful views !. R.&K.D. - London. - 30/8/14.

A very difficult place to leave, we find. But at least it can linger in the memory, in all its peace & beauty & sustain us till, we hope, the next time. Thank you Simon, not least as creator of this marvellous place but also for your kindnesses. P.& L.H. England. September 7th, 2014

We spent the most relaxing time in lovely surroundings & very much enjoyed helping with the grape harvest & treading the grapes. Really one of the nicest places we've ever been. We had a wonderful time & thanks for everything, Simon, we'll tell our friends at home about what they are missing !. M.& J.K. Bremen, Germany. 10/10/14.

Thank you very much for an absolutely fantastic time at this truly unique place. We enjoyed every minute of it !. - D.&L.F. - Utrecht - Holland - October 21st.

After a hectic year we came seeking beauty, relaxation & solitude & found it in spades!. What an utterly magical place. Thank you. J.& A. B. - London. 25/11/14.


New Year ' 1
5   - Thank you for the most wonderful retreat & recharge !. We have relished the open fires, the wine, the landscapes, the quiet, the elegant cottage &                           the effervescent company of our host.     S & E  Bristol, U.K.
5/2                  - We  were very pleased with the delicious food & with the great hospitality. We'll recommend this place to anyone we meet back home in Sweden.
                                                                                                                                                                                 - S.L.   Stockholm
19/4                - Many thanks for a wonderful stay ( our honeymoon !! ).    A & N.  Oxford  UK.
26/4                - Thank you so much for the most wonderful & relaxing week at La Jarilla - it's just perfect.      R.K,   London.
11/5                - Muchas gracias por todo hemos pasado, unos dias fantasticos.        F.S.F.  Aquadulce,  Almeria,  Spain.
1/6                  - Thank you Simon for taking such good care of us. We really enjoyed your company, food & wine.   E.R.  Visby,  Sweden.
1/6                  - You are a star Simon & thanks for the outstanding hospitality. Hope we see you again soon.   N.G.  Stockholm,  Sweden.
1/6                  - I've been in paradise !. I will miss it.   E.T.    Visby,  Sweden.
7/6                  - This is the most amazing place, a perfect way to celebrate end of degree. Thank you Simon, we'll be back.  G.L.  Watford  U.K.
14/6                - It has been a great time - far too short !. Such hospitality, we will miss it & the wine.  E.R.   Cologne,  Germany.
21/6                - Endroit superbe et tranquille. Merci pour votre hospitalite, votre gentilesse et votre accueil chaleureux.  R.G.  St Jean le Blanc, France.
21/6                - Great place, thanks for your hospitality, stories, wine ........  A.R.   Leusden,  Holland.
13/7                - Your place is fantastic & the work you have put into rebuilding it is impressive - we'll be back.  T.O.  Sorum,  Norway.
25/7                - Truly a great place & a wonderful retreat with special food, wine & a perfect host, a really memorable holiday !.  S&M.W. London.
8/8                  - It has been amazing. I have enjoyed every minute of the last two weeks. You are a great host with the ability to make everyone feel at home -                         we will be back.                                                    S:V:    London.
23/8                 - A unique holiday, from wine tasting in the bodega to pool fun with the kids & all in the good company of a real Scottish gent. D.A. Leeds, U.K.
30/8                 - Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome & for being such a gracious & generous host.  D&J W.   Swansea,  U.K.
22/9                 - A seamless weekend !!.     D&J G.    Hampshire,  U.K.
24/9                 - 365* of a Kingdom of its own !.   M.C.   London.
26/9                 - A magical & very special place - I loved every second & hope very much to come back soon.   C. W-B.  London.
1/11                 - An absolute pleasure to be here. My love affair with Spain has begun & we hope to come back soon for a return archery match. F&R.H. Wiltshire UK.
17/11                - It is always a pleasure being here & to enjoy your company at dinner. We love the place & will be back for more.    S.L.   Sweden.
3/1/16               - When I get older, losing my hair many years from now, I will still keep the memories of this fantastic 2015 New Year !.  F.P.  Seville  Spain.
3/1/16               - Tienes grandes amigos en Sevilla, Malaga, Madrid, Luxemburgo y Berlin !.   C.P.   Berlin  Germany.


"Hemas pasado un tiempo fantastico!! Gracias Simon!!" - C. - Sevilla - January


"Interesting arrival in the dark. A lovely warm welcome. Awoke to such a treat... what a place, view and tranquil retreat. Had some lovely walks, lazy times on the terrace, aimless attempts at archery, and very successful wine tasting session, made all the better by our host, Simon." - E.S. - United Kingdom - January


"It´s always great to be here and I look forward to seeing you again v. soon. You know it is my favourite place." - S.L. - Sweden - February


Thanks to our fantastic host Simon for making our friend´s birthday celebrations such a great success." - E.& J.B. - United Kingdom - March


"An incredible break in an incredible place. Lunch by the pool and tennis surrounded by the stunning hills is unbelievable. Also really appreciated a taste of the local life and taking in a fiesta." - T.T. - United Kingdom – April


”La Jarilla ist eine der - im besten Sinne des Wortes - verzückte Hazienda, die ich je gesehen habe. Traumhafte Lage inmitten malerischer Natur mit einem äußerst gastfreundlichen Simon. Ich hoffe, wieder zu kommen. "Normal" ist langweilig!” – M.J. – Germany – April


"What a magical place - difficult to leave - it´s unique." - J.C. - United Kingdom - April


"This place is a haven that one only dreams about. To actually visit this idyllic hideaway is a privilege we will never, ever forget. Beautifully quiet, lazy days by the pool and lovely food in the evening in front of a log fire - just perfect!" - A.W. - United Kingdom - May


"And just when you think life can´t get any better - it does!!! Happiness starts right here. It heals the soul. We will be back." - C.& J.G. - United Kingdom - May


"I am totally blown away by how beautiful La Jarilla is - I´ve had so much fun." - A.S. - United Kingdom - June


"Propriété magnifique, paysages reposants, tres bel acceuil. Merci pour ces superbes vacances! Nous reviendrons avec grand plaisir!" - J.P. - France - June


"Thank you Simon - a truly fabulous place to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary with such a great group of friends." - J.& M. - United Kingdom - July


"Party / Tennis / Party / Pétanque / Party / Table tennis / Mojitos / Party... and lots and lots of laughing. What a fantastic week." - S.& N.R. - United Kingdom - July


"You know how much we love coming here, truly our favourite place, and you are our favouite host." - S.& I.V. - London - August


"A memorable week and a v. considerate host." - K.C. - Scotland - August


"Really enjoyed helping with the grape harvest and wine making." - B.& S.S. - Norway - September


"A fantastic week with friends, made all the more fun with Simon as our host. Great food, great wine, great conversation in a spectacular place." - H.& S.E. - United Kingdom - October


"A place for one to recharge one´s batteries, in the tranquility of Simon´s magnificent home. Unforgettable experience! We will be back again!" - G.& L.P. - United Kingdom - November